All About the New Netflix Anime Series Glitter Force

What is Glitter Force About?

Glitter Force is the English language version of the anime (Japanese cartoon) series, Smile Pretty Cure. It follows the adventures of a group of five young girls who are given the ability to transform into magical superheroes by a mysterious and cute little critter called, Candy.

Together, the girls try to balance home and school responsibilities while trying to save the world from evil fairy tale villains and rescue the queen of the magical kingdom, Jubiland, Queen Euphoria.

Who are the Main Characters in Glitter Force?

The Glitter Force anime series revolves around five girls who make up the superhero team, Glitter Force, and their mascots Candy and Pop. Emily (Glitter Lucky) is usually the main focus of storylines and often acts as the leader of Glitter Force while Kelsey (Glitter Sunny) provides physical strength and a tom boy personality. Lily (Glitter Peace) is the typical shy girl, April (Glitter Spring) is good at sports, and Cloe (Glitter Breeze) is student council vice president, studies hard, and comes from a fairly traditional Japanese family.

How Many Episodes of Glitter Force are There?

Netflix has officially announced plans for 40 episodes of Glitter Force with the first 20 episodes forming Glitter Force Season One.

The final 20 episodes (Season Two) are expected to premiere on Netflix sometime during 2016.

Eight of the 48 Smile Pretty Cure episodes will not be adapted into English (hence the 40 episodes of Glitter Force) however the missing episodes announced so far (Japanese episodes 10, 17, and 19) are basic filler episodes which contributed very little to the overall storyline and were likely removed to improve the series’ pacing.

Is there a Glitter Force Movie?

There is an animated feature film that was released in cinemas in Japan called, Smile PreCure! The Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book! but there have been no official announcements regarding an English release yet. If Glitter Force proves popular on Netflix though, a future release is extremely likely.

Who Sings the Songs in Glitter Force?

The new English songs in the Glitter Force anime series are performed by the North American-based pop group, Blush which consists of five members from Japan, South Korea, the Philipines, India, and Hong Kong.

Who Should Watch Glitter Force?

Glitter Force is a super accessible anime series that will appeal to fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the original 90s Sailor Moon.

There are no sexual themes or course language and while the fight scenes consist of lots of punches, kicks, and magical blasts, there is never any blood or gore and the fights never get too intense. Glitter Force is suitable for any age group and may be watched by children unsupervised. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why everyone should be watching Glitter Force.

Where Can I Watch Glitter Force?

Glitter Force is available in most non-Asian regions via the popular streaming service, Netflix. There have been no announcements regarding TV broadcasts at this stage.

Are there Glitter Force DVDs and Blu-rays?

There have been no announcements regarding official Glitter Force DVDs or Blu-rays however since several Netflix shows have been given home releases in the past, a physical release of Glitter Force for fans to buy is a possibility if the series is popular enough.