Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan’s Most Villainous Characters


In a series where the good guys seldom come out victorious, this apocalyptic adventure has a good set of desperados and villains that keep the story rolling with new twists and turns each episode. The biggest dangers don’t always come from the obvious sources, and sometimes the most evil acts are hidden through political agendas and secretive missions.

But who are the characters behind all the anime’s dramas and conflicts and which ones are the most memorable. Here are our top five Attack on Titan villains.Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Colossal Titan

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Colossal Titan. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: ©Hajime Isayama,Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN”Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

The Colossal Titan might be on every piece of Attack on Titan merchandise, but this big guy only shows up a couple of times in the entire Attack on Titan anime series.

His appearances may be limited, but the damage he leaves behind in his wake is no small matter. Ending a 100 years of peace within minutes, he suddenly appears one day and breaks through the fortress humanity had built against the Titans in the very first episode of Attack on Titan Season One.

When you’re a villain who needs to make a big statement, ending world peace certainly does the trick.

About as terrifying as any monster gets, the Colossal Titan is one of the biggest baddies in the anime — literally. Coming in at over 60-feet tall, the sheer size of his muscle-toned figure is more than enough reason to leave someone shaking in their boots.

Not much is known about the Colossal Titan other than the fact that he’s a skinless giant that wants to trample all over humanity. He’s bad news.

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Lord Balto

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Lord Balto. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: ©Hajime Isayama,Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN”Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

Not all Attack on Titan villains come in the form of bone-crushing giants, some are just selfish humans who put their own well-being before others. Lord Balto is a scumbag, plain and simple. He’s a wealthy nobleman who’s only concerned with his own safety and sits up on his throne of faux superiority in ignorant bliss.

He lives a peaceful life in a palace surrounded by blossoming flowers and fountains, while a majority of the population struggles to get by on a daily basis.

His first instinct is to use his authority to protect himself and push his own agenda though as soon as the news hits that Titans have breached Trost District, he’s overcome with fear and attempts to order a garrison of troops around his estate in favor of sending help to the perishing soldiers and citizens.

He should be the first in line to help those in need, but instead chooses to turn a blind eye. Underneath his arrogance and gluttonous lifestyle, Lord Balto is nothing more than a powerless aristocrat hiding behind his status.

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Annie Leonhardt

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Annie Leonhardt. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: ©Hajime Isayama,Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN”Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

Switching between her human and Titan forms is just another day in the life of Annie Leonhardt. Whether you love or hate her, she knows how to put up a good fight and causes plenty mayhem for our struggling heroes. It’s not exactly easy battling it out with a highly trained Titan that can regenerate in the middle of a fight.

Any 40-plus foot creature that knows how to throw a punch is going to do some serious damage.

But changing into a Titan isn’t the only thing Annie has up her sleeve.

For reasons that have yet to be revealed, she is on a mission against humanity and that somehow includes main protagonist Eren Yeager, who is a fellow Titan Shifter. Her unsuccessful attempts to kidnap Eren result in some colossal confrontations between the two. She gets captured in their last showdown, but in true villain fashion denies the good guys complete victory by enclosing herself in protective crystal.

Just when it seems like she’s lost her footing, Annie always has a new way to one-up her adversaries in Attack on Titan. Whether she’s duking it out as a human or Titan, she knows how to cause enough frustration and confusion to shake things up

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Dimo Reeves

Dimo Reeves is an arrogant merchant who doesn’t have any issues with threatening or bribing others. After all, business is business in his eyes. No matter the situation, the only thing he’s ever concerned about are his tradable goods and an impending disaster is no exception.

Rather than leave behind his cargo during a Titan invasion on Wall Rose in the first season of the Attack on Titan anime, he blocks the pathway that leads into the security of the next territory and refuses to let anyone through until his materials are safe and even screams that his cart is “worth more than a lifetime of your paltry salaries!” at the rest of the civillians.

Dimo is a rotten businessman who declines to help anyone if it doesn’t go toward his own gain. Showing no sense of shame, he is willing to endanger the lives of everyone for his own greedy purposes

Top 5 Villains in Attack on Titan: Armored Titan

Bulldozing through walls like a hot knife through butter, the Armored Titan is a force to be reckoned with in the Attack on Titan anime series. Classified as an Abnormal Titan, he’s covered in plates of protective armor that makes him one big bad dude.

He played a key role during the Titan raid on Wall Maria in the first season of the anime by busting through one of the town’s inner gates and letting in dozens of Titans to have a feeding frenzy.

The stunt had catastrophic results for humanity, with 20 percent of the population killed and one-third of their territory lost