Everything You Need to Know About the Fairy Tail Anime

What is the Fairy Tail Anime Series About?

Fairy Tail (not “fairy tale”) is a Japanese cartoon (anime) set in a magical world called, Earth-land where magic is commonplace and mystical beings are well-known to the general population. In this world, many beings with magical abilities form guilds, groups or teams of magical individuals who protect their fellow members, occasionally act as a family, and mostly make money by completing assignments for paying customers.

The series revolves around one of these groups which calls itself the “Fairy Tail Guild”. Throughout the series the guild gets sent on a variety of missions ranging from small and mundane to adventures that could save the entire world. Occasionally individual Fairy Tail Guild members’ are revealed to have a personal connection to a mission which results in secrets being revealed and regular plot twists that shake the group to its core.

Fairy Tail’s fresh blend of action, drama, and comedy has earned itself a large following of fans. Its animation is often criticized for looking rushed but the quality voice actors, in both the Japanese and English versions, and the show’s willingness to not take itself too seriously often overcomes any limitations in production quality that may be present.

Who are the Main Characters in the Fairy Tail Anime?

The Fairy Tail Guild itself comprises of a large number of members, many of which act as recurring supporting characters. For the most part, the series focuses on a small group within this guild; Erza, Gray, Happy, Carla, Lucy, and Natsu with Lucy and Natsu often getting the most screen time and character development.

How Many Seasons of the Fairy Tail Anime are There?

Season One through Four are considered to be Fairy Tail Series One while the fifth season onwards fall within Fairy Tail Series 2. Very few companies or fans use the series labelling when referring to the anime with most simply using the season numbers. Official DVD and Blu-ray releases rarely use the series or season numbering and instead release consecutive DVD and Blu-ray volumes featuring the latest batch of episodes.

How Many Fairy Tail Anime Movies are There?

There has been one Fairy Tail anime movie. Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess was released theatrically in Japan in August 2012 and on Blu-ray and DVD in North America in December the following year.

The movie tells a completely stand-alone story from the anime series and features original character designs by Fairy Tail creator, Hiro Mashima. You can read more about Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess in our full review.

Who Should Watch the Fairy Tail Anime?

While the Fairy Tail anime series’ target demographic in Japan is male and female viewers from around 10 years old through to young adult, the numerous sexual innuendoes and objectification of the female (and male) characters makes it inappropriate for most pre-teens in Western countries. The violence and action isn’t anywhere near the level of more mature series like Attack on Titan but parents and guardians of younger viewers should be aware that death is a common theme in the series, threats of violence are plentiful, and characters do bleed when injured.

Where Can I Watch the Fairy Tail Anime?

The Fairy Tail anime series is available for digital download from a variety of stores such as iTunes and Xbox in addition to numerous streaming services like Netflix, Anime Lab, FUNimation, and Crunchyroll. FUNimation and Crunchyroll often stream the latest Japanese Fairy Tail anime episode with English subtitles within hours of its Japanese television broadcast while the English audio version typically gets a release about a year or so later.